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Slovakia Visa Information:


Foreigner can stay on the territory of the Slovak Republic for a short-term visit not exceeding 90 days during a six month period permitted by a visa. Citizens of certain countries do not need visas to enter Slovakia for a short-term visit for the purpose of tourism, transit, visit, business trip, or similar purposes.Slovakia Flag
For entry into the Slovak Republic a Slovak visa must be obtained prior to entering Slovakia. Using an official printed matter, the foreigner applies for a visa personally at the Slovak Embassy. Visas can not be granted at border crossings upon arrival.

In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland an application for a Slovak visa should be submitted to the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in London, 25 Kensington Palace Gardens, W8 4QY, London. The processing time is about one week (maximum 30 days), provided all requirements have been met. Visas cannot be extended. Slovak Republic is a member of the European Union (since May 1, 2004) but not yet the Schengen Visa System (2007) or Euro Monetary System (2009). Foreigners who intend to work, study, teach, or do business in Slovakia for a long-term period may apply for a temporary stay permit at a Slovak Embassy or Consulate General abroad.

Visa-free countries

1. European Union countries and European Economic Area countries:

As from the 1st of May 2004 nationals from European Union countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) and European Economic Area countries (EU countries and Island, Norway, Liechtenstein) can travel to the Slovak Republic with a passport or ID card which is valid for the entire duration of their stay.

2. Other Visa-free Countries

The citizens of the following countries do not need visas to visit or transit through the Slovak Republic for a maximum period in days indicated in the brackets: Andorra (90), Aruba (90), Argentina (90), Australia (90), Brazil (90), Brunei (90), Bulgaria (30), Canada (90), Chile (90), Costa Rica (30), Croatia (30), Guatemala (90), Hong-Kong (90), Israel (90), Japan (90), Korea (90), Malaysia (90), Mexico (90), Macao (90), Monaco (90), Netherlands Antilles (90), New Zealand (90), Nicaragua (90), Panama (90), Paraguay (90), Romania (30), Salvador (90), San Marino (30), Singapore (90), Switzerland (90), Uruguay (90), United States of America (90), Vatican (30), Venezuela (90) and United Nations passport holders (30).

3. Other Visa-Free Nations

Those foreigners who do not need visas for the certain period of time, and wish to stay in Slovakia longer than the period indicated in the brackets have to exit Slovakia within the period and return again only if they did not exceed 90 days during a six month period, or apply for a temporary stay permit at the Embassy or Consulate General, if a foreigner is intending to work, study, teach, doing business or coming for permanent family reunin.

Documents necessary to submit


Please note that only applications with all of the supporting documents as follows will be accepted.

Please note that the following documents must be submitted also by EEC spouses !!!

1. visa application form (http://www.slovakembassy.co.uk/formular-viza-EN.pdf) completed legibly and signed by the applicant (or a legal guardian for children).

2. Passport valid for at least 3 month beyond the validity of the requested visa, with a blank visa page to affix the visa sticker) plus a copy of your passport (only the data page with your photograph and signature).

3. One recent photograph (2 x 3, 5 cm) of the applicant.

4. Letter from the insurance company (+ 1 copy) stating that you will be covered for any medical expenses, hospitalization and repatriation for at least the equivalent to 30,000 Euro during your stay in Slovakia. In the letter must be stated your name, validity of insurance and amount which covers medical expences. If your current insurance company does not provide such coverage, you have to find an international insurance. 5. Visa fee payable to the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in cash or a cashier’s check. Visas for children under 15 years of age are free of charge. For information on up-to-date fee please call us on 02073136470.

6. Administration fee £ 3 per each visa application.

7. The visa of a country neighbouring Slovakia. This is necessary to be granted in the applicant’s passport when applying for transit visa only.

8. Spouses of European Union Citizens – proof of relationship is required: your spouse’s passport issued by any European Union country (original) plus one copy as well as the original and one copy of your marriage certificate. Marriage certificates that are not in English or Slovak language require certified translation.

9. A stamped, self-addressed envelope with postage stamps for “signature required” mail or special delivery mail if you want to have the visa returned by mail.

10. Documents confirming the purpose of the travel:

a) tourist visa – original voucher issued by a travel agency or original confirmation of a paid accommodation from a hotel, please note that we do not accept a hotel booking !!!!

b) visitors visa – an original letter of invitation signed by your host in Slovakia, the signature must be verified by a Slovak notary or by the Embassy of Slovakia,

c) business visa – an original letter of invitation signed by your Slovakian business partner, the signature must be verified by a Slovak notary or by the Embassy of Slovakia,

d) other purpose – document proving the purpose (e.g. invitation for conference, cultural or sport event, etc.) verified by a Slovak Immigration Police.

11. Evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay, e.g. recent bank statement confirming your income of last 6 or 12 month including month when your application is submitted, traveller´s cheques. The minimum sum required by Slovak authorities for one day of your stay is £ 35.

12. Proof of your current occupation/ your student status in the UK (either a recent original letter from your employer, solicitor, Company House or Chamber of Commerce or for students a recent original letter from your school, college or university),

13. Return ticket or your driving license plus technical license along with a confirmation of insurance (green card)


Please note the following:

– The Embassy is not responsible for information given by travel agencies or guide books.
– The Embassy cannot guarantee the issuance of any visa. The decision is final and irrevocable.

Types of visas of the Slovak Republic:

1. airport transit visa

– authorises a foreigner to stay in the transit area of public airport in the territory of the SR,

– number of entries: 1,

– max. validity of visa in days: 30,

– fee: £ 25 (+3).

2. transit visa

– authorises a foreigner to travel through the territory of the SR from the territory of one country to the territory of the third country,

– number of entries: 1 (one-way transit), 2 (two-way transit), unlimited (multiple transit),

– max. validity of visa in days: 12 (one-way transit), 90 (two-way transit) or 180 (multiple transit),

– max. length of stay in days: 5 (one-way transit), 2 x 5 (two-way transit), unlimited x 5 (multiple transit)

– fees: £ 25 + 3 (one-way transit) .

£ 31 + 3 (two-way transit)

£ 61 + 3 (multiple transit)

3. short-term visa

– authorises a foreigner for one or more entries and for length of period of residence which is stated in the visa; an uninterrupted residence or number of more stays will not exceed ninety days in six months,

– number of entries: 1 (single short-term visa), unlimited (multiple short-term visa),

– max. validity of visa in days: 90 (single short-term visa), 180 (multiple short-term visa),

– fees: £ 25 + 3 (single short-term visa)

£ 61 + 3 (multiple short-term visa).

4. long-term visa


– authorises a foreigner to enter and reside more than ninety days, if it is necessary to fulfilment of commitments of the SR resulting from international agreements.

– number of entries: 1, 2 or unlimited,

– max. validity of visa: 1 year,

– max. length of stay in days: more than 90 days in a half a year

– fee: £ 103 + 3.

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