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Sierra Leone Visa Information:

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone with its unique landscape, scenery and cultural heritage is waiting to be explored. It has a coastal line of nearly 360 kilometres fringed with beautiful and un- spoilt white sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. The country offers visitors its historic heritage, exotic flora and fauna, Mountains and natural beautySierra leons

ALL visitors wishing to enter the Republic of Sierra Leone must OBTAIN THE APPROPRIATE VISA to enable them to enter the country. Citizens of the West African Economic Community (ECOWAS) are exempted from this requirement and do not need VISA OR ENTRY PERMIT to enter Sierra Leone.

Non citizens of ECOWAS countries must OBTAIN VISA IN ADVANCE from a Sierra Leone Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.

Public Notice

With effect from 1st February 2007, payments for Visas and Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) should be made at any Barclays Bank Branch to the following Account:

Sierra Leone High Commission

Account No: 10782653

Sort Code: 20-36-47.

Payment can only be made after submission of completed Application Forms at the High Commission. The stamped Bank Pay –in-Slip should be presented at the High Commission on collection of processed Visas.

The Consular Office will be opened for visas and other consular matters from Mondays – Thursdays, between 10am – 1pm for submission and 2.30 – 3.30pm for collection of visas.

The granting of a Sierra Leone visa is only a form of pre-entry clearance. It does not guarantee permission to enter Sierra Leone. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry reserves the right to grant or deny admission. Visa holders are subject to the normal immigration control at any port of entry. Visitors to Sierra Leone require a valid visa each time they enter the country.


Single Entry Visa is valid for three Months (90 days) from the date of issue. Among others, an invitation letter must accompany request for visitor’s visa.

Multiple Entry Visa is valid for (6 months or 1 Year) from the date of issue.

Business Visa is for applicants who manifest and demonstrate sufficient ability to conduct business in Sierra Leone. Among others, visa application should be accompanied by an introductory letter from a credible company in the UK or a European country, outlining the purpose of the trip, the nature of business and contact in Sierra Leone. However, in a situation where an applicant or company has never invested and has no business contact in Sierra Leone, but has plans to do so, such applicant or company must provide evidence of credibility and financial standing.


A visa application form must be completed by all applicants, which can be obtained at the High Commission or you can download it from here;

visa application word format and visa application imaging format

Applications can be submitted by hand or by post together with:

· applicant’s passport ( must be valid for at least one year);

· two recent passport-sized photographs;

· application fee (Please note that application fees are non-refundable); and

· documents, such as invitation or business letters, evidence of hotel reservations (for Tourists) and financial status of applicants.

The officer responsible for visas may be able to decide on your application without further enquiries, or you may be required to attend an interview if the officer deems it necessary; further documentary evidence in support of your application may be needed.

Please note that if the issued visa expires before being used, you are required to apply for a new one in accordance with existing rules and visa requirements.

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