Norfolk Island visa Information, Norfolk Island Embassy address

Norfolk Island Visa Information:


The primary industry is tourism, which has brought a level of prosperity unusual among inhabitants of the Pacific islands. The number of visitors had reached 40,000 in Year 2001. Norfolk Island has five hotels, one large guest lodge plus many apartments or motels. Norfolk Island flag
Before travelling to Norfolk Island it is advisable that you check all your travel arrangements to ensure that you have

A current and valid passport

For persons not travelling on a New Zealand or Australian Passport, an Australian Multiple Entry Visa which is current for at least 30 Days beyond your intended length of stay. For further information contact Norfolk Island Immigration.

You have pre arranged accommodation before arriving at Norfolk Island. (This information will be required for your arrival card.)

That you consider obtaining some form of travel insurance.

That you clearly mark your luggage for easy identification.

That you read through and answer all the questions correctly on your arrival form.

On Arrival at Norfolk Island International Airport, you will be required to collect all your luggage from the baggage carousel, which is located to the left-hand side of the Customs arrival hall, before proceeding through Customs.

To facilitate your entry through Customs have ready your passports and completed arrival papers. Your arrival papers should be handed to you during your flight for completion prior to arrival . Ensure you have correctly identified your luggage and that you have all your luggage with you.

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