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Migration to Australia – Employment in Australia:

Everyone in Australia has the right to share in and enjoy the Australian lifestyle. This includes the right to work and earn wealth. That wealth helps you to enjoy the pleasure of a free and equal society. We all expect each other to contribute to and share in Australia’s wealth. The government taxes the income that you earn to provide for the common good of all Australians.

The government sets laws on wages and work conditions. The laws ensure a fair and just work life. The laws are about the types of legal agreements that define the work relationship between employers and employees. They vary between collective bargaining of unions to individual common law contracts. The agreements determine the amount paid to an employee, the hours worked and conditions such as safety, leave, allowances, training, anti discrimination and more. Australia has a long tradition of strong support for work laws. This makes the work place fair, safe and productive so that both employers and employees earn rewards for their effort.

If you do not already have a source of income or a job available, and provided your visa allows it, you will need to look for work. Approval to migrate does not guarantee a job.

How do I find work?
Can I use my Qualifications and Skills?
How do I apply for a job?
What do I need to start work?
What are my rights?
How do I start my own business?
What support is there if I do not find work?

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