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Western Australia:

Western Australia welcomes new citizens from 75 countries

More than 1100 people from 75 different countries are to gain Australian citizenship at ceremonies across Western Australia today.

Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs State Director Bruce Mackay said taking up the privilege of citizenship was an expression of loyalty and commitment to the Australian way of life.

‘People taking the pledge in Western Australia today include a Northam woman who is just three weeks away from her 99th birthday and a Melville man who is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his arrival in Australia on January 26 1957,’ Mr Mackay said.

‘Western Australia’s new citizens today come from 75 different countries including the United Kingdom, the United States and a variety of African, South East Asian and Pacific nations.’

More than 40 citizenship ceremonies will take place across the state. At a City of Perth ceremony at 11am, 38 people from 20 different countries are to take the pledge.

The Western Australian events are among 280 ceremonies to be held around the nation on Australia Day. More than 12 500 people from 111 countries are to become Australians.

‘There is something very special about taking out Australian citizenship,’ Mr Mackay said.

‘Everyone who has taken that step today will bring their own unique talents and experiences to further enrich the broader Australian community,’ he added.

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