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Vietnam Visa Information:


A valid passport and a visa are required of all foreigners visiting Vietnam. With very few exceptions, there is no such thing as a “visa on arrival.” Visas are issued by Vietnamese embassies and consulates. Some overseas offices of Vietnamtourism are able to issue tourist visas.

Tourist visas are good for thirty days and may be extended after your arrival in Vietnam. Fees vary from embassy to embassy; about $50 in Bangkok and $85 in Washington, for example. A double entry visa is also available for tourists making side trips from Vietnam to destinations in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

Visa forms are available by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope addressed to Visa Section, Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Do not complete your visa application until your travel plans are fairly firm. You are required to state your intended ports of arrival and departure (for example, arriving in Hanoi and departing from Ho Chi Minh City). Changing either of these upon or after your arrival could result in a mountain of red tape and extra expense. Submit your application along with two standard passport photos, your passport and the required fee. Click here for Vietnam Visa Information
Business visas are good for six months and provide for multiple entries. Sponsorship by a licensed Vietnamese enterprise is required. Your Vietnamese trade partner will provide you with the necessary details.

Visa Application Form You can view this form and print it out! Or you can save the document as a file in your own computer by first viewing it, then clicking the right button on your mouse.

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