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Uzbekistan Visa Information:


The states with which the Republic of Uzbekistan has established a visa-free regime or withdrawals from a visa regulations.

Entry visa can be obtained in the consular missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad. In Tashkent Airport visas can only be
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issued to those persons, who are arriving from the countries where the Republic of Uzbekistan does not have permanent diplomatic or consular missions.

The Republic of Uzbekistan has missions in following countries: Afghanistan, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium (Luxemburg), Great Britain, Germany, Egypt, Italy, India, Indonesia (Vietnam), Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA (Canada), Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Japan; and consular departments in following cities: Athens (Greece), Dubai (UAE), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), New-York (USA), Bangkok (Thailand), Istanbul (Turkey), Frankfurt-am-main (Germany), Mazari-Sharif (Afghanistan).

Due date of visa issue for persons wishing to visit Uzbekistan upon invitation by legal entities or permanent missions of foreign countries, international organizations accredited in the Republic of Uzbekistan and private persons is not to exceed 4 working days after application submission day.

Tourist visas are issued by consular departments of Uzbekistan abroad, due date for issuing such visas is also not to exceed 4 working days after application submission day.

Prior to obtaining business and tourist visas one should fill out appropriate visa application forms and present documents, the list of which is to be provided by diplomatic or consular missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

To obtain transit visa one should fill out visa application form and present passport with the visa of the destination country, and travel documents with the confirmation of departure date from Uzbekistan.

Foreign citizens visiting Uzbekistan can accommodate in hotels or take different housing at their option.

Foreign citizens are liable to get temporary residence permit upon arrival in Uzbekistan within 3 days except for holidays and weekends. Registration is made by internal affairs officials according to visa expiration date depending on the type of visit. Registration of foreign citizens is also made in hotels.

Heads of parliamentary and government delegations, members of their family, technical staff of the delegation, persons arrived in Uzbekistan with UNO passports and foreign citizens staying in Uzbekistan for less than 15 days and minors are exempted from getting temporary residence permit.

Consular duties for visa issue in Uzbekistan are as follows: :

Entrance – exit visa

Up to 30 days – 60 $
Up to 3 months – 80 $
Up to 1 year – 160 $
Transit visa – from 20 to 40 $

The issue tariff rates are increasing up to 10$ for making each multiplicity of visa;

Group visa:

Up to 15 days for each person – 15 $
(group consisting of not less than 10 persons, excluding children under age of 16)
Group visa for 30 and more days for a person – 25 $

There is a charge for visa prolongation:

Up to 24 hours – 15 $
Up to 30 days – 50 $

Besides those charges there are payments for actual expenditures.

Currently the Government of Uzbekistan undertakes efforts towards further liberalization of visa regime and creation of more favorable conditions for visiting the country by business people and tourists. In particular, for this type of persons – citizens of Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland and Japan, simplified rules of visa obtaining have been established. They provide opportunity to apply for visa directly to diplomatic and consular departments of the Republic of Uzbekistan that issue a visa within 2 working days.

Foreign citizens entering the Republic of Uzbekistan to implement professional activity can work on the territory of Uzbekistan only in presence of activity implementation right confirmation given by the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which is addressed to foreigner on the basis of permission obtained by the employer.

Permission to attract foreign labor force is given to Uzbek legal entities and enterprises with foreign capital working in the Republic of Uzbekistan and several Uzbek and foreign physical entities living on the territory of Uzbekistan that use hired labor in their activity.

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