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Ukraine Visa Information:


Ukrainians are very hospitable. As their guest, you will receive red-carpet treatment. This includes heavily-laden tables, gifts, and many toasts. While it is sometimes uncomfortable for Americans, who have so much, to accept gifts from those who have so little, they will be very insulted if you turn them down.


1. A passport or travel document, both hereinafter referred to as “the travel document”, valid for at least one month after the expiration date of the requested visa and having at least one blank visa designated pages;

2. One Visa Application form (you will need Acrobat Reader to view or print these forms) per travel document holder – answered completely and legibly typed or printed in ink in block letters, dated and personally signed by the applicant aged 16 or over or by a parent or a legal guardian of the applicant under 16. Here is an example of filling out a form: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4.

3. One photo – recent, passport-sized, resembling applicant’s travel document photo.

4. Together with all items listed above the following documents, each hereinafter referred to as “the supporting document”, related to the purpose of entry, must be submitted in support of the Application for: Business Visa Visa for Religious Mission Visa for Humanitarian Mission Visa for Members of Rescue Services Student Visa Visa for Mass Media Staff Private Visa Tourist Visa Transit Visa Immigration Visa Visa for International Transport Service Staff Cultural Visa Scientific Visa

Please note: The Consulate has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant. The latter is hereby informed that submitting the aforementioned documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of the visa.

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