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What is the working holiday scheme?
The working holidaymaker scheme is an arrangement where a person aged between 17 and 27 can come to the United Kingdom (UK) for an extended holiday for up to two years and may do part-time or casual work. Work must not be the main reason for your visit.
How do I qualify as a working holidaymaker?
You qualify as a working holidaymaker if:
How long can I stay?
You can only stay in the UK for two years as a working holidaymaker, from the date you first enter the UK in this category. We will count any time you spend outside the UK during that period as part of the two years.
What type of work can I do?
You can only do work incidental to a holiday and cannot do work which represents the continuation of a career. You should not take up a managerial position and cannot engage in business or provide services as a professional sports person or entertainer. This does not however rule out all professional activity, it is acceptable to engage in work as, for example:
You cannot take full-time work, even on a casual basis, for more than half your stay, even for the professions listed above, but you may engage in part-time work for more than half your stay provided that you have a holiday. For the purpose of working holidaymakers, full-time work is more than 25 hours a week.
Do I need a visa as a working holidaymaker?
You must get a visa as a working holidaymaker before you travel to the UK.
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