Different types of US student visas

Different types of US student visas

If you have planned to come in for study even for short period or full degree study then you will need to apply for U.S student visa. Therefore U.S offer three types of student visas J1, F1, and M1 visa which also give them a chance to make their future bright. Here we discuss these three types of visas for U.S which is necessary for the process of application.

J Visa:

J visa has two types of visa in it J1 and J2 and has different circumstance. J visa is for those students who want to get practical training which is not available in their hometown and training is also essential for complete their academic program. International exchange members must meet all the eligibility criteria of this program and can allow for a stay in U.S for a short period of time just for one or two semesters. J visa holders have permits for employment as like the F1 visa holders have but some terms and conditions are obligatory.

F visa:

Additionally f visa has also three types in it F1, F2, and F3 and it is for those students who come in U.S for completing their academic studies or English language program from any university or college of U.S. this visa issued to those students who intend to have the full-time course position. And F1 visa holders have the permission of part-time employment in U.S for 20 hours in per week. Moreover, students can also work on optional practical training after completion of their academic program.

M visa:

It is non-academic or vocational visa which is issued to those students who want to get non-academic or vocational study in any institution of U.S. this visa holder has no permission to get employment during to their course of studies. Students must give proof of their financial status. They must give evidence that they can support themselves and easily pay all tuition fees or other expenses for the entire period of their educational course. And students can stay in U.s for fixed time period and they can only stay in U.S for one year. They cannot change their status to F-1 visa and get some extensions also.

Applying for your Visa:

When you go for applying visa of U.S you must keep in mind these things.

Academic Eligibility:
Every institution has different eligibility criteria for admissions which they inform you about their requirements.

Financial Stability:
You will need to demonstrate that you can easily give financial support to yourself during you course period.

Health Insurance:
You may also need to show your health insurance in order to meet your medical expenses.

It is not easy to live in America with limited sources. You must have enough funds to complete your study as well as you have to sure that you can afford your living expenses in U.S without getting any job or work. The US Visa system can be very tricky and difficult to navigate. You must visit immigration centre of U.S which provides you all basic information’s about specific student’s visa for U.S.

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