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Fresh Talent Working in Scotland scheme

The Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland scheme is part of the Scottish Executive’s Fresh Talent Initiative. The Fresh Talent Initiative encourages people to consider living and working in Scotland, as well as supporting efforts to retain indigenous people who wish to begin, or to further, their careers in Scotland.

The Home Office and the Scottish Executive are working together to implement the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland scheme. This scheme will enable non-EEA nationals who have successfully completed an HND, degree course, Masters or PhD at a Scottish university and have lived in Scotland during their studies to apply to stay in Scotland for up to two years after completing their studies to seek and take work.

When will I be able to apply for the scheme?

The Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland scheme will be launched on 22 June 2005. You will not be able to apply for the scheme (either in the UK or from abroad) until it is launched.

How do I qualify for the scheme?

To be granted leave under the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland scheme you must:

Have been awarded an HND, or a UK recognised undergraduate degree, Master’s degree or PhD by a Scottish institution of Higher or Further Education.
Have lived in Scotland for an appropriate period whilst studying for your HND, degree, Masters or PhD.
Intend to work in Scotland during the period of leave granted under the scheme.
Be able to maintain and accommodate yourself and any dependants without recourse to public funds.
Intend to leave the UK at the end of your stay, unless granted leave as a work permit holder, highly skilled migrant, business person or innovator.
What if I have got a postgraduate certificate or diploma?
From 1 May 2007 those who have completed a postgraduate certificate or diploma will also be eligible for Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland.


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