Switzerland visa Information,Switzerland Embassy address

Switzerland Visa Information:


If you are planning a journey to Switzerland, expecting a visit from abroad or would like to invite vistors from abroad to Switzerland, the following information could be of help to you.


Swiss FlagForeign nationals require a valid and accepted travel document to
enter Switzerland. In addition, a visa is required in certain cases.

Furthermore, sufficient funds must be available or procurable by

legal means to cover the cost of living during the transit through

or the stay in Switzerland. The Swiss Federal Office for Migration

(FOM), the Swiss foreign missions and the cantonal aliens police

authorities will gladly provide information on the principal conditions

for entry to Switzerland (www.bfm.admin.ch).

REASON AND DURATION OF STAYForeign visitors who have entered Switzerland in compliance with

the relevant regulations and are not taking up any form of employment

require no permit of sojourn if the duration of their stay

does not exceed three months. After a period of three months,

foreigners are required to leave Switzerland for at least one

month. Their stay must not exceed a total of six months within a

period of twelve months. Individuals requiring a visa should observe

the duration of stay specified in their visa.

Foreign nationals intending to take up any form of employment in

Switzerland are required to apply for a guarantee of permit either

in person or through their employer, regardless of whether they

require a visa to enter Switzerland or not. In the case of a visa

requirement, the guarantee is granted through the issue of the


REGULATIONS ON REGISTRATIONHosts are obliged to register their foreign guests with the authority

in charge following a stay of one month (more strict regulations

may be in force in some cantons). Employment without specific

authorization is not permitted. Foreign nationals must report

immediately to the cantonal or communal authority in charge if

their departure within the period of stay granted is not possible.

Federal Office for Migration, FOM, Quellenweg 6, 3003 Bern-Wabern

T +41(0)31 325 11 11, F +41(0)31 325 81 95, www.bfm.admin.ch


The Swiss foreign missions may declare the issue of a visa dependant

on a declaration of guarantee if the applicant does not

have access to sufficient financial funds or if this seems doubtful.

The guarantor engages to meet uncovered costs of up to

CHF 20’000.- for living expenses, including accident and illness,

as well as for the return trip, which arise for public welfare due to

the presence of the foreign national. If a declaration of guarantee

is necessary, the Swiss foreign mission in charge will provide the

foreign visitor with the necessary forms and instructions.

An approved declaration of guarantee provides no claim to the

issue of a visa.


The processing of a declaration of guarantee by the cantonal

authorities is subject to a fee. As a rule, this administrative fee is

to be paid in advance using a specially supplied deposit slip.


In order to limit the risk of liability, it is advisable for the guarantor

to take out a private travel insurance policy covering illness and


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