Sri Lanka visa Information,Sri Lanka Embassy address

Sri Lanka Visa Information:

Sri Lanka Visa


Immigrants and Emigrants Act No. 20 of 1948, it’s Regulations and subsequent amendments.

Prescribed Authority
1. Controller of Immigration and Emigration, Colombo.
2. Heads of Sri Lanka Missions abroad.Sri Lanka Flag
Types of Visas
1. Multiple Entry
2. Residence
3. Visit
4. Transit
5. Visas to Registrants under the Special Resident Guest Scheme

Hand Over Application

1. Multiple Entry / Transit / Visit visa applications should be made to the nearest Sri Lanka Mission.
In the absence of such a mission arrangements could be made through the Dept. of Immigration and
emigration in Sri Lanka, to enter and stay in the country.
2. Applications for the extension of above Visas should be made to the Dept. of Immigration and


3. Applications for Residence Visas / Visas under the Special Resident Guest Scheme should be made to
the Dept. of Immigration and Emigration.

Note: Unexpired validity of the Travel Document should cover beyond a period of two months, the period of the applicants intended stay in Sri Lanka.

Visit Visas

Being a foreign national who desires to enter Sri Lanka, who holds a return air ticket and sufficient funds [currency / travelers cheques / credit card] for maintenance.

Mode of Issue

Bona fide tourists from the countries listed in Schedule ‘A’ shall be granted landing visa for 30 days at the port of entry in Sri Lanka. Two (02) months extension beyond 30 day shall be granted at the Department of Immigration & Emigration (Head Office) if required. However further extension shall only be considered with valid reasons. This restriction will not be applicable to Ex-Sri Lankans. Those who visit for purposes other than holiday should obtain prior visas.

Documents required for extension of 30 day visa
1. Visit visa application
2. Copy of the Bio data page of the passport
3. Two (02) photographs
4. Relevant visa fee

The Sri Lankan Missions abroad may continue to grant tourist visas up to a period of three months for bona-fide tourists after recovering necessary fees.

Nationals of countries not listed in Schedule ‘A’ should obtain prior Visit visas whatever the purpose of visit is.

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