Myanmar visa Information, Myanmar Embassy address

Myanmar Visa Information:


Despite modern changes and globalized cultural blending, Myanmar people have been able to preserve their own lifestyles and activities that have existed since time immemorial.

The Visa System in Myanmar is as follows:- Myanmar Flag

(a) If for any reasons, travelers arrive in Myanmar without a visa, the On Arrival Visa with the recommendation from the Ministry concerned, is issued at a prescribed fee at the Yangon International Airport.

(b) If those entering Myanmar with the expired visa issued from the Myanmar Embassies, the On Arrival Visa is issued at a prescribed fee within seven days from the expired date.

Visa on Arrival is issued at the Myanmar International Airport and Seaport, to those residing abroad where there are no Myanmar embassies, or to those who have had no time to obatin an Entry Visa at the Myanmar embassies.

Visa Fees

Tourist Visa = US$ 20

Entry Visa = US$ 36

(c) Foreigner can stay in Myanmar during the period of validity in the visa. If he wants to overstay , he may apply for the extension of stay with the recommendation of the Ministries concerned. The fees for the stay-extension are as follows:-

From 1day to 3 months – 36 $

From 3 months to 1years – 90 $

(d) If the foreigner overstays , he has to pay the overstay fees as follows:-

From 1day to 90 days – 3 $ per day

From 90days and above – 5 $ per day

(e) F.R.C – Those who stay continuously for 90 days have to apply for a Foreigner’s Registration Certificate (Initial ) within 90 days from the date of their arrival . The fee for the F.R.C is US 9 $. If he applies after 90 days , he has to pay a double amount of US 18 $.

– When a foreigner who holds the F.R.C re-enters , he has to apply for the revalidation of his F.R.C within 30 days from the date of is arrival. The fee is 6 $ and if he applys after 30days , he has to pay the double amount US 12 $ as fine.

– Since the validity of all F.R.C expires on 30th Nov ,the F.R.C has to be renewed during the month of December annually. The renewal fee is 9$ .If the renewal is not done during the specified period, the holden of the FRC has to pay a double amount of US 18$ as a fine.

(f) During the permitted stay with the recommendation from the Ministry concerned, the Single Journey Re-Entry Visa and the Multiple Journey Re-Entry Visa are issued to those who enter for business purposes.

(g) The Re-entry Visa is issued to foreigners permanently residing in Myanmar, with prior permission obtained from the Department of Immigration and National Registration.

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