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Lithuania Visa Information:

Tourists know Lithuania as a country of cities with architectural splendour and ample choice of entertainment. It is a land of an exquisite coastline, health resorts, ancient woodlands, thousands of lakes, meandering rivers and traditional villages. Lithuania flag
 Citizens of following countries don't need a visa to enter in Lithuania.
  1. Principality of Andorra;
  2. Republic of Argentina;
  3. Republic of Armenia;*
  4. Australia;
  5. Republic of Austria;
  6. Kingdom of Belgium;
  7. Federative Republic of Brazil;
  8. Negara Brunei Darussalam;
  9. Republic of Bulgaria;
  10. Canada;
  11. Republic of Chile;
  12. People's Republic of China;*
  13. Republic of Costa Rica;
  14. Republic of Croatia;
  15. Republic of Cyprus;
  16. Czech Republic;
  17. Kingdom of Denmark;
  18. Republic of Estonia;
  19. Republic of Finland;
  20. French Republic;
  21. Federal Republic of Germany;
  22. Republic of Guatemala;
  23. Hellenic Republic;
  24. Republic of Honduras;
  25. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (only for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport holders);
  26. Republic of Hungary;
  27. Republic of Iceland;
  28. Ireland;
  29. State of Israel;
  30. Republic of Italy;
  31. Japan;
  32. Republic of Korea (South);
  33. Republic of Latvia;
  34. Principality of Liechtenstein;
  35. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
  36. Macau Special Administrative Region (only for Macau Special Administrative Region passport holders);
  37. Federation of Malaysia;
  38. Republic of Malta;
  39. Kingdom of Marocco (for holders of diplomatic passport only);
  40. United Mexican States;
  41. Republic of Moldova (for holders of diplomatic passport only);
  42. Principality of Monaco;
  43. Kingdom of Netherlands;
  44. New Zealand;
  45. Republic of Nicaragua;
  46. Kingdom of Norway;
  47. Republic of Panama;
  48. Republic of Paraguay;
  49. Republic of Poland;
  50. Portuguese Republic;
  51. Romania;
  52. Republic of San Marino;
  53. Republic of El Salvador;
  54. Republic of Singapore;
  55. Republic of Slovakia;
  56. Republic of Slovenia;
  57. Kingdom of Spain;
  58. Kingdom of Sweden;
  59. Confederation of Switzerland;
  60. Republic of Turkey;**
  61. Ukraine;**
  62. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland;
  63. The United States of America;
  64. Oriental Republic of Uruguay;
  65. The Holy See (State of the Vatican City);
  66. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela;


* For holders of diplomatic and official passport only.
** For holders of diplomatic, official and special passports only.

The holder of  UN Laissez-passer is allowed to travel to the Republic of  Lithuania without a visa for more then 90 days within six months. 

General Visa Requirements
-fully completed visa application form

- two passport photographs

- valid national passport & one copy

- original of valid resident visa

- confirmation letter from your
health insurance stating coverage & one copy

- proof of
group travel/ hotel booking in Lithuania/ airline reservation for Lithuania & one copy

- current bank statement & one copy

reference letter from your employer/ education institution

visa fees for Lithuanian Visa.
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