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Liechtenstein Visa Information:


The Liechtenstein Family of Austria acquired the fiefs of Vaduz and Schellenberg in 1699 and 1713 respectively, and gained the status of an independent principality of the Holy Roman Empire in 1719 under the name Liechtenstein. The French, under Napoleon, occupied the country for a few years, but Liechtenstein regained its independence in 1815 within the new German Confederation. Liechtenstein flag
In 1868, after the Confederation dissolved, Liechtenstein disbanded its army of 80 men and declared its permanent neutrality, which was respected during both world wars.

Requirements for entering Liechtenstein

Switzerland and Liechtenstein share the same entry requirements. The provisions concerning persons requiring visas are identical (see Ordinance of 14 January 1998 on the Entry and Registration of Foreign Nationals, SR 142.211). In principle, this ordinance requires a passport to enter the country, subject to the provisions of bilateral or multilateral agreements.

Visa requirements for entering Liechtenstein

Individuals requiring a visa may submit an application to the Swiss representation in their country of residence. The Swiss authorities decide on the request. To determine if you require a visa, please visit www.eda.admin.ch.

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