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Lebanon Visa Information: 

LIKE OTHER AREAS of the Middle East, Lebanon has a heritage almost as old as the earliest evidence of mankind. Its geographic position as a crossroads linking the Mediterranean Basin with the great Asian hinterland has conferred on it a cosmopolitan character and a multicultural legacy. lebnon flag

Visa types:


Transit Visa


 Till 48 hours


 From 48 hours till 15 days

 25.000 LP


Residence (Sojourn) Visa 


 For one trip (from 15 days till 6 months)

 50.000 LP

 For two trips

 75.000 LP

 For several trips whatever its duration
 was (3 months or 6 months)

 100.000 LP


Courtesy Visa

Is granted for free for distinguished and important people (VIPs) by the embassies, by the Lebanese delegations abroad or by the General Director of the General Security.

Holism Visa

Is granted for delegations, and the fee is receipted from each member of the delegation.

Work Visa

Is granted for 3 months and its fee is 50.000 LP. It's based on a premature approval from the Ministry of labor.



Study visa:        

Arab students:

  Arab students coming to Lebanon alone or by group are granted a free three months valid visa provided that they present a student card, a registration statement or an acceptance statement issued by a Lebanese university, institute or school.


Foreign students:

Foreign students are granted entry visa according to the nationality conditions explained previously.



Arab and Foreign students from all sects coming to religious schools and institutes should have a premature approval from the General Security.

Work visa:

A three months valid visa is granted after acquiring an obligatory premature approval from the general directorate of the General Security based on a premature approval to work in accordance with the current regulations

No visa is granted to the countries that export workers unless they have a premature approval from the general directorate of the General Security in conformity with common regulation. The countries are: 

 Angola – Bangladesh –Benin-Rep – Bosnia – Botswana – Burkina-Faso – Burundi – Cameroon – Central-Africa Rep – Chad – Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) –  Comers-Island – Congo Rep (Brazzaville) – Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire, Kinshasa) – Djibouti – Eritrea – Ethiopia – Fiji – Gabon – Gambia – Ghana – Guinea Rep – Guinea-Equatorial – Guinea-Bissau – Grenadines – India – Indonesia – Ivory coast – Liberia – Madagascar – Malawi – Mali  – Mauritania – Mauritius  – Mozambique – North Korea – Namibia – Nicaragua – Niger – Nigeria – Pakistan – Paulaus Island – Paraguay – Philippines – Rwanda – Senegal – Seychelles Island – Sierra Leone – Somalia – Salvador – South-Africa – Sri Lanka – St. Lucia – Suriname – Tanzania – Thailand – Togo – Trinidad & Tobacco –  Uganda –Vietnam – Zambia – Zimbabwe ).


When receiving work permit's application that belongs to Ethiopia's citizens, the concerned are requested to attach a statement of approval for bringing via the Ethiopian's embassy in Lebanon.

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