Jamaica visa Information, IJamaica Embassy address

Jamaica Visa Information:


Jamaica is a developing nation of over 2.6 million people. Facilities for tourists are widely available. International airports are located in Kingston and Montego Bay.

  • must hold a passport valid for 6 months;
  • must be in a position to support him/herself and dependents;
  • if desirous of entering the service of an employer in the island, must produce a permit in writing for engagement, issued to the employer by the Ministry of Labour;
  • should not be a person of unsound mind;
  • should not be a holder of a certificate issued by a health officer, which indicates that for medical reasons, it is undesirable for him/her to be permitted to land;
  • should not have been sentenced in a foreign country for any extradition crime within the meaning of the Extraditions Acts 1870 and 1906;
  • should not be the subject of a deportation order in force under the Aliens Law, Chapter 9 or under the Aliens Admission Deportation Regulation Law (now repealed);
  • should not have been prohibited from landing by the Minister of National Security and Justice;
  • must be in possession of a visa unless exempted from this requirement under any of the prescribed regulations;
  • must have applied for and obtained permission from the Government of Jamaica if entry is desired for other than tourist purposes; (please see business, education or employment related visas)
  • must fulfill such other requirements as may be prescribed by the Jamaican Immigration Authorities.

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