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Gabon Visa Information:



Gabon is an independent republic which lies in the bight of Africa and forms part of the West Central Region of Africa. The capital city is Libreville. Other major towns are Franceville, Oyem, Lambarene and Port-Gentil. The official language is French.


  1. Valid passport to present on issuing of visa (please send a copy of it along with the application form duly filled). Especially the first 3 pages together with the S.A. resident visa.
  2. Two (2) recent coloured photographs
  3. The following fees are payable for the issuing of a visa:
    1. Single – R600
    2. Multiple – R800
    3. Express – R900
  4. The application forms must be dropped as follow:
  5. Ordinary Visa: Three(3) working days (from the day the form is retuned) to process
  6. Express Visa: Two(2) working days (from the day the form is retuned) to process
  7. The money paid for the processing of a visa application, will not be refunded in case of a negative reply.
    1. Name and contact number of the person or company you entend to meet in Gabon
    2. Vaccination for Yellow fever and precautions for malaria to be taken
    3. Contact number in South Africa
  8. Exact date of arrival in Gabon

Please make sure you have space for a visa in your passport (1 page) and that the form is well filled.
South African passport holders (holding an ordinary passport) who travel for business or tourism purposes do not require visas unless their stay exceeds 30 days (1 month)

Those who are not South Africans have to apply for a visa in their countries of origin unless they have a work permit or a permanent residence in South Africa or if they come from a country closed to South Africa and where Gabon does not have a diplomatic mission such as Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Mozambique, Botswana and Malawi

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