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Congo, Republic of Visa Information:

Congo, Republic of

commonly refers to either one of the two neighbouring countries in Central Africa drained by the river from which they get their name.Congo-Kinshasa flag

“The Congos” is used to refer collectively to both countries, and the adjective “Congolese” (as in “Congolese music” or “Congolese culture”) can refer to either or both countries. The Congos are usually distinguished by their full official names and occasionally by adding their capital cities.

The Republic of the Congo (ROC), also known as Congo-Brazzaville (and locally as Brazza), is the smaller of the two countries and lies to the west. It was called the People’s Republic of Congo from 1970 to 1992.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is commonly abbreviated as DRC or DR Congo, and sometimes known as “Congo-Kinshasa”.

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