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Colombia Visa Information:



Colombia, the second most populous country in South America, is a medium-income nation with a diverse economy. Its geography is also diverse, ranging from tropical coastal areas and rainforests to rugged mountainous terrain. Tourist facilities in Colombia vary in quality and safety, according to price and location.


1. Valid Passport with at least 3 available pages and good for a minimum of 6 months.

2. Two (2) passport copies. plain copies, please.

3. Visa application form duly signed and filled out in duplicate.

4. Three (3) colored passport-type pictures (2″x2″).

5. Invitation letter and/or flight and hotel reservations, issued by the travel agency.

6. Must have an American Green Card or valid visa.

7. Copy of the roundtrip ticket.

8. Document stating the activity to be done on Colombia.

9. Proof that financial capacity is sufficient to take care of expenses while in the country.

Documents in requirements 5, must be translated into Spanish, notarized or Apostilled.

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