Botswana visa Information, Botswana Embassy address

All visitors entering Botswana must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months, except those with United Nations Convention travel documents. Visitors must also have outgoing travel documents and sufficient funds to finance their stay.


Botswana Visa Information:


Valid entry visas for the countries which do require them may be obtained from Botswana’s various embassies and high commissions abroad. In countries where Botswana is not represented, visas may be obtained from the British High Commission. Entry visas obtained at border posts are valid for a maximum of 30-90 days. Extensions may be obtained from any immigration office in Botswana. No visitor is allowed more than a 90-day stay in every calendar year, unless permission has been granted in the form of a waiver pending the outcome of a residence permit application.

Requirements for visa application:


Completed immigration supplementary Form D by the applicant (Visa form).

Letter of support from the host.

Two passport size photos (identical).

Fee of P25.00 (around USD 5)

Return visa or residence permit from his/her country of residence.

Return air ticket.

Confirmation letter from the country if the person is coming for business purposes

Employment (additional)

  • Waiver from Labor and Immigration department.
  • Copy of acknowledgment slip for residence permit application.
  • If a person visiting Botswana wants to stay more than three months, he must apply before entering Botswana to the Chief Immigration Officer, P. O. Box 942, Gaborone, tel. (267) 361-1300.

Domestic pets

Domestic pets and livestock may be imported subject to animal health restrictions. Details can be obtained from the Director of Animal Health and Production, Private bag 0032, Gaborone, telephone (267) 394-232

Seeds, bulbs, plants, trees, etc.

These may be imported subject to plant health restrictions. Details can be obtained from the Chief Agricultural Research Officer, Private bag 0033, Gaborone, telephone (267) 328-780

Firearms and ammunition

Firearms and ammunition may only be imported into Botswana under the authority of an import permit issued by the Director of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Private bag 00252, Gaborone, telephone (267) 311-233 upon application on the form IC 2 and production of a Police permit issued by the Central Arms Registry, P. O. Box 334, Gaborone.

The issue of firearms licenses in Botswana is strictly controlled and all firearms imported under the authority of an import permit must be licensed immediately upon arrival in Botswana.


No boats, mokoro or aquatic apparatus may be imported into Botswana unless the owner is in possession of an Import Permit issued by Department of Water Affairs.


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