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Anguilla Visa Information:

Around 4000 years ago, Anguilla was a lush island covered in dense rain forest. It was discovered by Amerindian peoples who came by dugout canoes and rafts from South America's mainland. They called
Angulian Flag

Anguilla "Malliouhana" which meant arrow-shape sea serpent and they developed villages, farms and ceremonial sites to their gods.

Processing of Visa Applications

 Travel Permits

Temporary travel permits are issued to Anguillians/Belongers needing an emergency travel document in lieu of a passport. (Persons are encouraged to be in possession of a passport.)

Certificate of Identity

This temporary travel document is issued to non-Anguillians/Belongers needing an emergency travel document in lieu of a passport. This document in no way affects the national status of the holder.

NB. The processing period for documents is 4 – 7 days.

The following documents should be submitted with the application
     (a)   Three (3) passport size photographs

     (b)   Original and photocopies (copies) of the following documents with English translation where applicable:-

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Baptismal certificate (where applicable)
  3. Father's birth certificate (where applicable)
  4. Spouses birth certificate (where applicable)
  5. Mother's birth certificate (where applicable)
  6. Marriage certificate (where applicable)
  7. Police certificate of character
  8. Health certificate
  9. Academic, professional or technical qualification
  10. Proof of financial resources

    (c)   Treasury receipt for the sum of fifty dollars (EC$50.00 non-refundable) evidencing payment of the processing fee.

Section B of the Form should only be completed by the following applicants:
  1. A person whose father or mother was born in Anguilla and is regarded, or if deceased, would if alive, be regarded as belonging to Anguilla.

  2. A person who is spouse of a person regarded as belonging to Anguilla and has been married to that person for more than three years.

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