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Training and Work Experience Scheme – TWES – Visas Info

The Training and work experience scheme (TWES) arrangements enable people from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to undertake work-based training for a professional or specialist qualification, or a period of work experience.

Applications for TWES permits are subject to a charge. The payment guidance leaflet below provides further details of the charge and the process that will need to be followed when making an application.

We periodically revise the guidance notes and application forms to include changes and to improve clarity. They are valid until the use-by date at the top of each downloaded document.

Training and Work Experience guidance notes (283Mb)

WP1 application form (2.3Mb)

WP1X extension application form (1.7Mb)

General information notes (241Kb)

Payment guidance notes (199Kb)

Service and standards guidance notes (140Kb)

Medical Training Initiatives (MTI)

MTI1 application form (1.8Mb)

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