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English tests accept for UK Visas

If you are willing to apply for UK Visa and Immigration in order to settle in the UK for any reason then you must have to pass an English language test firstly in order to be eligible for Visa and Immigration process. There are different English language tests approved by immigration department of UK, all the educational institutes in the UK also require various English language tests to clear and here is the list of these tests:
  1. Integrated Skills in English
  2. Graded Examinations in Spoken English
  3. IELTS
  4. IELTS Life Skills
Now we shall go in detail of these English Language tests in order to understand the process, requirement, syllabus, venue, timing and level of difficulty of these tests.

Integrated Skills in English (ISE):


All these tests have the validity of 2 years. Here is the list of ISE tests:

  1. ISE (Foundation),CEFR Level A2
  2. ISE 1,CEFR Level B1
  3. ISE2,CEFR Level B2
  4. ISE3,CEFR Level C1
  5. ISE4,CEFR Level C2

Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE):


  1. GESE Grade 2 for CEFR Level A1
  2. GESE Grade 3 for CEFR Level A2
  3. GESE Grade 5 for CEFR Level B1
The international English language testing system (IELTS):
  1. IELTS for CEFR Level B1 with minimum IELTS score 4.0
  2. IELTS for CEFR Level B2 with minimum IELTS score 5.5
  3. IELTS for CEFR Level C1 with minimum IELTS score 7.0
  4. IELTS for CEFR Level C2 with minimum IELTS score 8.5
IELTS Life Skills:
  1. IELTSlife Skills test for CEFR Level A1
  2. IELTSlife Skills test for CEFR Level A2
  3. IELTSlife Skills test for CEFR Level B1


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