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U.S. Family and Friends of Visa Applicants

Many foreign are wants to come U.S for visit and also needs to get U.S visa which is necessary condition for getting entrance in U.S.  And if you wish to support your friends/family to come with you to visit the U.S then you can apply for non-immigrants visa for U.S. that type of visa has many conditions and terms so it must meet all the criteria for this visa. For getting this visa applicant will be required to prove that they can support themselves easily during their stay in U.S, they need to give a reason why they are coming in U.S and also when they return to their home country. 
Every applicant should show that they have a permanent residence outside the U.S and they must go back to their home after the end of visa. And strong ties like their family, socio-economic condition and profession force them to return to their home. Since every applicant’s visa situation is different, every case is inspected separately and settled under the law. The whole process totally lies upon an applicant who gives the proof of their eligibility not on the basis of U.S sponsor. So you must read all instructions on the website of U.S embassy for getting a visa for family/friends. 
And give all documents which will be listed on website and applicant give an interview for visa personally. And consular will take an assessment of applicant’s electronic application and he may ask any clarifying question for a visa. And applicants should keep in mind that thing they can only get a visa on their ability, ties abroad, their residence and also with the help of a sponsor. For this reason, consular/ embassy officer have conversation session with applicants about their intentions of travel, ties and also reviewing documentations such as letters of invitation.

What is Invitation Letter?

Your family/friends will need to bring an invitation letter by explaining their current situations about yourself. In this letter, you (sponsor) will give answers to some questions including that are you, what are your job and other activity in U.S and why you want to invite them to mean the purpose of visa (tour, vacations, and study). Your invitation letter should fill with all essential information like date, your location where your family/friends come to visit.   And also you will require submitting your date of birth, name, and address in U.S and SEVIS ID # (if necessary). 

You have no chance for appeal:

According to U.S immigration law, you have no right to appeal or reassessment in the procedure on visa rejection. But you may reapply at any time with a different consular officer who can appraise your   ability for the visa.  Unluckily, some candidates will not meet the criteria for a non-immigrant visa due to their personal, financial and professional conditions even their circumstances can change significantly. 
So you must meet all the criteria for getting this visa and have tension free tour in U.S. and enjoy your family/ friends tour in U.S in a better way. 
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