Post Graduate Doctor Visa and Dentist Visa:

Post Graduate Doctor Visa and Dentist Visa:

For entry to the UK as a postgraduate doctor or dentist, you will need:

  • a UK degree in medicine or dentistry
  • to have spent at least two years in the UK studying for your medical or dental degree, and
  • a letter from the Postgraduate Dean responsible for your training to confirm that you have been offered a full-time place on a Foundation Programme in the UK.

You must also:

  • intend to leave the UK after your Foundation Programme, if you have not been given permission to stay on in another employment or self-employment category, and
  • be able to support yourself and any dependants, and live without needing help from public funds.

If a government or international sponsorship agency sponsored your studies at a medical or dental school, you need to have the sponsor’s permission to study a Foundation Programme in the UK.

If you are a fully qualified doctor or dentist and you want to get a job or take higher specialist training, you will need a work permit. You can get more information about work permits from our Work permits (INF 13) guidance.

If you intend to set up in general practice, you will need to meet the requirements for entry to the UK as a self-employed person. For more information see the Setting up in business (INF 10) guidance.

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