M-1 is non-academic and temporary visa for students in which they have no permitted to work during the study. This visa is just for applicable for those students who want to get a technical and vocational course in U.S and also come for this aim. As you know U.S is the most admiring destinations for the students where students come from different countries and get study in U.S. So U.S embassy or consulate issued M-1 visa that provides the other way to students. The candidates of M-1 visa must give proof to the embassy that they can easily survive in U.S and have enough funds for their study.

Requirements for M-1visa:

You have completed your study that normally essential for enrollment. The student who wants to get a visa he must be enrolled full-time in a vocational institution of U.S. Full time means 18 hours of study per week. It is also necessary that any U.S institution (in which you want t to study) must send you a Form 1-20M-N which is the documentary proof of your vocational student’s status. You are adequately capable in the English language that is necessary of perusing the study course. And also you have more funds for your financial support that cover your first year of study. You have also permanent residence in your home country which cannot be changed. You must aim of departure from U.S after completion o your course or study.

M1 Visa Entitlements:

M-1 visa just for students who get vocational study courses in U.S and the minimum duration of visa in 1 year, extensions may be granted. This visa holder can engage in any practical training and any temporary job upon visa limits of their course.

Applying for an M-1 Visa:

If you are applying for M-1 visa then firstly apply for admission in any university of U.S. And your university will notify you what they require in order to your admission and they also inform you that you have academically appropriate for admission in their university.
With other requirements, you must show the university that you give financial supportsto yourself without having any job or work.
There is also possible you may give evidence of your health insurance that is the proof you can also manage your medical expenses.
As university give green signal to you and agree to give you admission and issue an I-20 form to permit of your student visa in U.S.
Then you apply for the visa at U.S Embassy or consulate with all these things. When you are applying for M-1 visa at the consulate of U.S must have complete these conditions:
First of all, you have to pay fees for the application which is non-refundable. And you will be required to submit a DS-160 online application that for all males who are aged 16 to 45.
You must have a valid passport with a validity date of six months and must upload your digital photo which has 1 inch and 1 3/8 size. You must upload your current picture with a plain white background.

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