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Australia is one of the oldest places on the planet, yet its captivating beauty and diverse individualities make it a very now place to be. Discerning about a luxurious destination to spend a few days there is no other place earnest enough than Australia. The reason for the interest in people in the very continent is its mix and match of natural wonders; from rainforests to coral reefs and bustling markets to lively nightlife. Besides this, the luxurious destination also comprises of diversified cultural charms and cities clustered with people. In Australia, there are several luxury hotels and thousands of romantic retreats that make the place equally desired for the newly married couples. In the following few lines, you will be provided enough information to book a luxurious destiny either to spend your retreats or just to spend most memorable days of your newly married life. A few of the fabulous places are discussed below.

Australia Luxury

Saffire Freycinet, Coles Bay, Tasmania

One of the best places to spend a lonely few days in Australia is a Saffire Freycinet resort. Among several perks of this place, the most wonderful is its silence. One could hardly see any traffic passing by the resort. The resort is inspired by the natural beauty of the land which is evident from its building made up of timber, stone and natural leather. From the windows of the resort, one can have a breathtaking view of Coles Bay.

Berkeley River Lodge, Kimberley Coast, West Australia

This lodge is ideal for those who demand luxury in every aspect. The lodge is situated in a far off stranded area, Kimberley coast, and comprises of 20 luxury villas, sand views gave an illusion that these villas are floating in the ocean of sand dunes. Here the guest only arrives by air as there isn’t any road service, besides this completely switching off; the daily routine made it an ultimate luxury destination.

Qualia, Hamilton Island, Queensland

This place is several times voted as the Australia’s best resort besides this bringing fame for Australia this resort has been rated as the world’s best resort in 2012. It can be termed as the most luxurious destination after having the privilege to receive big shots like Gordon Ramsay and Toni Collette. This situ provides you with the luxuries like heligolf, luxury boat beaches and gourmet picnics points.

Spicers Clovelly, Sunshine Coast

A guest house is built in the French style is one of the most luxurious destinations of Australia. The place is ample for the newly wedded couples due to a perfect romance that oozes from the atmosphere. Besides this, the scenic beauty viewed from the windows and cozy soft furnishing, Carrara marble bathrooms added to the beauty of the place. For those planning to spend honeymoon in Australia, there isn’t any place more ample than this guest house.

To be precise, Australia is an ideal land for spending days. The atmosphere in Australia is most suitable for outdoor living due to the climate of the region and beautiful luxury spots present.

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