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To study abroad particularly USA is a great opportunity for students who are seeking certain professional guidance and latest technology labs in their course. In order to get admission in any USA universities you have to pass through specific criteria. In addition to that you must have a student visa that is more commonly known as the F1 Student Visa.

Two student visa categoriesare offered by USA for studying purpose:

  • The main USA study visa is officially called an F1 visa only valid for academic studies
  • The secondary study visa is the M category visa that is for nonacademic or vocational studies

USA Study Visa Requirements

In order to get a student visa you have to be first accepted in an established school mainly in a professional university or College which is SEVP certified. For academic students and those in language training, F1 visas will be the most suitable classificationbut for nonacademic or vocational students, M visa will be the best option available for this category.

In case you are putting on request for a F1 Student Visa from your country, the procedure will start by selecting a USA school where you want to pursue your future in the relative field. When you admission requestis accepted then you will be provided with the Form I-20 from the Designated School Official and clear the feeof I-901 SEVIS receipt. After that you details will be included in the SEVIS database with aspecific ID number.

After getting the Form I-20, there will be the “Initial Entry Visa Interview” schedule afterwards with U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country. You have to go through with all the rules and regulations regarding the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to determine their procedures and processes. Make sure to check the U.S. Department of State official website and choose your cityand go to the visa information for details.

Documentation for F1 Visa:

Student F1 Visa discussions will need the following documentation:

  • Completely filled Form I-20
  • SEVIS I-901 proof
  • Valid 6 month signed passport
  • Education Records and Transcripts
  • Schedule of study description
  • Lodging details

    Along with all these documents, you also need to require proof of assetsfor your tuition and living expenditures for the time of your study probably one yearor shorter. The US Embassy or Consulate in your country might need additional documents such as DS-156, DS-157A, DS-158A. They are accessible online form the embassy or consulate of the country you are applying form.

    After you get your U.S. entrance visa approved, inform the school of your projected arrival date, and get a new I-20 if the dates have been delayed. Make sure to check your lodging and transportprovisionsearlier of your departure from home country. One thing you should know here is that you cannot enter the U.S. no more than 30 days at the time of your program start date.

    It is better to be prepare from the start so that when you visa approved you have all the required documentation.

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