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B-1 Temporary business visitor visa

For getting entrance in U.S business travelers need to apply for B-1 visa that is based on temporary stay. B-1 visa type is appropriate for those people, who come in U.S for taking part in business convention or meeting, have toured for educational, professional and scientific purpose and also settle an estate. So B-1 visa has a specific and different eligibility criterion that is essential to complete and to follow it.  So you can learn about all the terms and conditions of B-1 visa which we discuss here. 

Eligibility Criteria:

You should show these following things to know about your eligibility to get a B-1 visa as these are important.  

How to apply:

It is a difficult matter to getting an entry in the United States so we just want to make it easy for you by explaining the procedure of B-1 visa application which also shows how you can apply for B-1 visa.

Supporting documents:

When you go for both appointments at visa application center and at the embassy or consulate you must have these documents:

Period of Stay in the United States:

B-1 visa holder may stay in the United States for 1 year and the visa holder’s partner, dependent children and family workers may be allowable to go with them to the United States on an imitative nonimmigrant visa. And B-1 visa holders can also change their visa status in certain circumstances as remain in the US as a full-time student or employee. 
So now you can easily get B-1 visa of United States that is the radical need of entering in US and you can fulfill your wish as well. 


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