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These pages explain what the Immigration Rules say about visitors, people coming to the United Kingdom for the purpose of medical treatment and visitors in transit to another country. While it is only a guide, it aims to answer the questions you are most likely to ask.

You must be able to show that: you are seeking entry as a visitor for no more than six months; and you intend to leave the United Kingdom on completion of your visit; and you have sufficient funds to maintain and accommodate yourself without working or recourse to public funds. Remember if you are a visa national you will require a visa to enter the United Kingdom.

You will need to complete an application form. Applications, except those for asylum and work permits or under EC law, will not be valid unless they are made on the appropriate application form. You are free to transact business in the United Kingdom either as a tourist or in connection with your employment or business overseas. You may not: take paid or unpaid employment either for someone else or on your own account; produce goods or provide services within the United Kingdom; or sell goods and services to members of the public. You may: attend meetings with United Kingdom businesses or negotiate and enter into contracts with them; and attend trade fairs, conferences and classroom training. You may also enter as a visitor if you are a sports person or entertainer coming to the United Kingdom for a trial or audition and for a personal appearance which does not involve a performance. The maximum allowed as a visitor is six months. Frequent business visitors can apply for a multiple entry visa as a visitor valid for two years or even 5 years.

How long will my visa be valid for?
With a visit visa you can normally enter and leave the UK any many times while the visa is still legally acceptable . You cannot stay for longer than six months on each visit. Visit visas can be valid for six months, one year, two years, five years or 10 years. You can apply for a visa valid for any of these periods. The Entry Clearance Officer have an authority to allow you a visa valid for a shorter time than that you have asked for, for example if you are not a regular traveller or visiting the UK first time. 

Can I stay more than six months for medical treatment?
If you need to stay longer than six months to complete your medical treatment you can apply to the Border and Immigration Agency. Their contact details are under More advice and information at the end of this guidance. The Border and Immigration Agency will charge a non-refundable fee for any extension application.  

Please note that the visa starts on the day it is issued and not as previously when your passport was stamped on arrival at the airport with six months leave to remain. Therefore,  you should plan your journey as soon as possible.

There is a right of appeal against refusal but for family visits only

Visa Fee:

Visa fee for Short Term multiple entry = £ 65.00 and Long Term multiple entry = £ 205.00


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